Whether it's NBA players reading mean tweets, or having a shoot off with athletes, Jimmy Kimmel always brings it when he has athletes on the late night show.

On Sunday night, after game 2 of the NBA Finals, Kimmel had on arguably the greatest to ever to play the game Michael Jordan on the show. During the 6x-NBA Champions cameo, he had to play a game with the audience, where they would guess whether or not he could palm an object.

Last time Jordan tried this he failed at palming a bowling ball, and a globe. With no surprise the competitiveness came out of him, and he needed another shot at the belt. With no surprise Jordan, succeeded in palming a mannequin  head, a pumpkin, but failed when it came to a disco ball.

You have to love home Jordan just does these cameos where ever he wants, and no shock the scratch golfer looked like he was in the middle of 18.

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