The year was 2014 and the Oakland Raiders did something they hadn't seemed to do in a very long time, drafted well. In the first round the Raiders took future Defensive Player of the Year Khalil Mack and in the second round they took Fresno State Quarterback Derek Carr. Carr would go on to prove himself as a leader and earn a mammoth contract. He now has the kind of head coach any QB would love to have, Jon Gruden. Let's go back to when they met on Jon Gruden's QB Camp.

Jon Gruden always seems to want to coach the QB's he features on his camp but this time it's really happened. Derek Carr and Jon Gruden look like a match made in heaven to me and hopefully they click the way Gruden and then journeyman QB Rich Gannon did. This could be the beginning of something pretty special in Oakland and then Las Vegas.

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