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Patriots Salute Local Fallen Soldier On Sunday Night Football
The NFL started doing "Salute To Service" in 2011 in an effort to Honor, Empower, and Connect our nation's service members, veterans, and their families. It's one of my favorite things the NFL does. It's easy to forget the real reason the Salute To Service initiative is so i…
Clifton Park Native Appears In New England Patriots Media Guide
The New England Patriots know the value of a place kicker. So when the Pats selected Marshall's Justin Rohrwasser who people here in the Capital Region remember from his days at Catholic Central in Troy, I got pretty excited. Obviously I'm not a Patriots fan but I will have to hope the kic…
Did The Patriots Get Caught Cheating Again?
There are more than a few instances of the New England Patriots cheating and getting caught. Deflate Gate, Spygate, Luggage Gate and now Spygate part 2. There are reports that a Patriots employee may have been filming the Bengals' coached on the sideline during the Browns - Bengals game.
Is The Patriots Dynasty Finally Over?
I feel like "The boy who cried wolf" asking once again, Is the New England Patriots Dynasty FINALLY over? Look the short answer is the Patriots are still a top team in the NFL so no it's not truly over yet but are they still a lock to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl? I mean let≈…

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