Wisconsin's Bo Ryan spent his post-game press conference hyping on the referees, so much so to where it became a headline more than the game. Dick Vitale, on 104.5 The Team, said 'enough is enough'.

"I really think it is overdone," said Vitale. "We could sit any time you want and pick all of the faults and blame the referees.

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"What about Duke’s drive in this game? What about Jones, Allen and Winslow attacking the rim in the second half? I mean the referees didn’t really effect Decker going 0 for six shooting threes.

"I mean come on now, people are really criticizing the refs. I can see a part of frustration in Bo Ryan and his kids. I love Bo, he is a terrific coach and should be in the Hall Of Fame, but I think sometimes, some people out there, if you’re not a lover of a certain team, you’re gonna sit at make excuses and really.

"The bottom line is, you tip your hat to the winner, congratulate them, and move on, because really, I thought these three guys earned the right to blow the whistle at the Championship Game. They were charted and evaluated and did the best job they could. It is a difficult game to be blowing a whistle in."

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