Every offseason in professional and college sports, there are ideas about ways to "better" the sport.

This offseason was no different. And there were several controversial rule change proposals -- maybe the most controversial ever. It could be the college football10-second rule (The Saban Rule) that would've ultimately erased the hurry up offense completely from college football.

It could it be eliminating/altering the extra point in the NFL. I have been flip-flopping my thoughts on this. I don't believe any scoring should be guaranteed 99.5 percent of the time. Only 18 extra points have been missed in the last three seasons. However, I have back around and think that tinkering rules and plays just to tinker are an even worse idea.

The most controversial of the rule changes is the one that no one wants to touch -- for good reason. The 15-yard penalty for using the racial slur the "N-Word".

The rule states any player that the referees hear say the "N-Word"  gets a 15-yard penalty. On second offense, the player would be immediately EJECTED from the game. This rule has no reason to even be up for debate, you're opening up a pandoras box that's unnecessary and will have a more negative outcome than positive.

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