There was Roger Clemens, Wade Boggs, and Johnny Damon. Now you can add Kevin Youkilis to the growing list of former Boston Red Sox players, despised by Yankee fans, joining the Bronx Bombers.

The Yanks and Youkilis made it official on Tuesday as the former Sox third and first baseman inked a one year deal with New York. The contract is said to be worth 12 million dollars.

The Yankees needed a third baseman to replace the injured and soon to be operated upon  Alex Rodriguez, who decided to put off surgery until January when he could have had the hip operation way back after his failed season ended.

Meanwhile Youkilis' relationship with Boston, or more pointedly with their now former manager Bobby Valentine, forced his trade to the White Sox last season. Combined for both Sox "the Youk" hit .235 with 19 long flies and 60 RBI in 111 games.

The Yanks had targeted a few third baseman, namely their own free agent third sacker Eric Chavez (He signed a one year deal with the Diamondbacks). They also inquired about free agent Jeff Keppinger who later signed a three year deal with the White Sox.

For Yankee fans it might be tough to cheer for Youkilis at first. he has had a long running feud with Yankee pitcher Joba Chamberlain, who has hit Youkilis several times with thrown pitches. It will be interesting to see how Yankee fan greets him. After he gets his first big hit I am sure all hard feelings will be forgotten by most.

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