The rivalry in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers locker room between head coach Greg Schiano and quarterback Josh Freeman has finally come to a head, with the team deciding to bench Freeman and allow rookie Mike Glennon to start in his place this Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals.

Freeman has had a terrible start to the 2013 season, only completing 46% of his passes for 571 yards, two touchdowns and three interceptions. His highest single game QBR of this season is the 30.9 he posted against the New Orleans Saints in the Buccaneers' 16-14 loss in Week Two.

While it will never be known just how much his rift with Schiano affected his on-field performance, it cannot be debated that the situation could not have possibly enhanced his level of play. Earlier this season, Schiano was accused of rigging a team vote to strip Freeman of his role as captain.

Glennon was drafted in the third round of this year's draft out of North Carolina State, and will start against an Arizona team that is the first sub-.500 team the Bucs have taken on this season. Thus far, their three opponents (Patriots, Saints, Jets) are a combined 8-1 on the year, making it hard to blame Freeman for the squad's woes.