When Jimmer Fredette's basketball career started to soar at BYU and beyond, a light was shone on his older brother's unique training techniques. The non-traditional basketball games Jimmer played in growing up along with his brother TJ helped hone the high level ball-handling and creativity Fredette torched teams with en route to National Player of the Year his senior season in college.

As Jimmer's professional career took him to the NBA, China and now Greece, TJ was developing his own network. He is the founder of Contract Training, general manager of Team Fredette in The Basketball Tournament and, in is latest act, the founder of Team Fredette on the AAU circuit.

The 'Fredette' in Team Fredette does not solely belong to the biggest star in the family, Jimmer. In fact, he may not object to this at all - Team Fredette may have less to do with Jimmer than anyone else in the family. His influence is still unmatched, but until his playing career is done, TJ, Al (father), Kay (mother) and Lindsay (sister) have their fingerprints all over this project.

Year two of Team Fredette on the AAU circuit is approaching and tryouts are being held in a few weeks. They start on Saturday, February 29th and Sunday, March 1st with another set of tryouts the following weekend.

For all the information: http://teamfredettebasketball.com

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