Ah, another MLB saga that seems like it has no true end in sight. The Mets sale. 

On Sunday, Bob Nightengale of USA Today reported that Alex Rodriguez and his group are now the ‘clear favorites’ to purchase the New York Mets: 

It's the soap opera that has been playing out in public, but the ‘show’ only has 2 weeks left. Bidders have until August 31st to place one to purchase a major league team, meaning the sand is almost up in the hourglass. 

Multiple groups are expected to place bids to purchase the team, According to the Post, “Mets COO Jeff Wilpon would prefer to sell the team to J-Rod if their offer is close to the best bid at the end of the auction, several sources said.”

The Mets are Major League Baseball’s 6th highest valued team, according to Forbes – valued at $2.4 billion. 

To date, there is believed to be three credible bidders known to the public: 

  • The team of Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez, among others. 
  • Steve Cohen, believed to be the previous front-runner in the sale, placed a $2 billion bid to purchase the Mets, and another $2 billion to purchase SNY according to Fox News.
  • Josh Harris and David Blitzer, owners of the New Jersey Devil’s, Philadelphia 76’ers. 

Steve Cohen and the Wilpons agreed on a deal in December to purchase the Mets for $2.6 billion, but the deal fell apart in February. Cohen wanted immediate control of the team, while the Wilpon family wanted to remain with the club for five years. Now, everyone went back to the drawing board, giving others the 2nd life to place a bid on the Mets.

August 31st will be an 'interesting' day in the baseball world. The reported deadline for any sale of the New York Mets, and the trade deadline of the 2020 baseball season. Well, 2020 has already had a lot of 'chaos', what is a little more?

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