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The Oscars were yesterday, and of course that meant that the fashion police were out in droves. But actresses in stylish Gucci dresses weren’t the only statements being made over the weekend, the sporting world decided to get in on the action too.

The Tampa Bay Bucs and Team USA soccer both unveiled new threads over the weekend, completely revamping their looks. The Bucs went with a modern, pseudo-futuristic look, most likely trying to capitalize on the recent success of the Seahawks and their neon style. Team USA decided to put a collar on their shirts, which looks more like Ryder Cup gear than soccer jerseys.

Personally, I prefer the tradition NFL look, although the Bucs have never had a nice traditional look so I really can’t fault them there. As for the soccer uniforms, they are awful.

What do you think? Which of the two are better?
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