Cast as prohibitive underdogs-9pt dogs at home no less the Denver Broncos led by Tim Tebow defeated the depleted Pittsburgh Steelers in OT 29-23 in by far the best playoff game of the weekend. With new overtime rules in play the Broncos didn't bother plodding the ball down the field-oh no on the 1st play of OT needing a TD and not a FG as per these goofy rules Tebow hit Demaryius Thomas short and Thomas shook off a couple of would be tacklers and went 80 yards for the game winner. The Broncos had a 10 point lead in the 4th qtr but after a field goal  made it a 7 point game Willis McGahee fumbled the ball leading the Steelers on their way to a tying TD. Pittsburgh had a chance to win it in regulation but Denver managed to sack him twice on a final chance drive.

It will be interesting to see how the yo-yo talking heads try and summerize Tebow's performance in his 1st playoff game. For my money he was solid, often throwing deep and gashing the Steelers iron curtain defense. That defense lost 2 down lineman early as Brett Kiesel and Casey Hampton left early due to injury. Roethlisberger was heroic again playing on 1 healthy ankle. Ben threw an early ugly pick that looked like it for portend the rest of the game but he shook it off and passed and ran Pittsburgh back into the ball game.

As for Tebow his numbers are deceiving.10/21 for 316 often looking deep and not settling for the underneath stuff. he also ran with benefit 10 carries for 50 yards but did not throw a pick. The win takes Denver to New England for a rematch vs the Patriots who stopped the Ponies 6 game winning streak and gave new doubt to the masses of Tebow critics.

As for the Steelers the question will haunt them for the entire offseason. If Big Ben hadn't played that Monday night vs the 49ers and finished up the Cleveland game before that would it have made a difference in this playoff game.

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