A teenager was detained by security at an airport in Gainesville, Florida after it was discovered that he was attempting to skip the second leg of his flight, which was headed from North Carolina to New York City. The teen, and his father, both claim that he did nothing wrong, but the airline in question has already handed down its punishment.

We have the latest on this now-infamous example of skiplagging.

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Teen Detained, Banned from Airline After Being Caught 'Skiplagging' NY Flight

A post written by Insider told us the story of a 17-year old North Carolina teen who was detained by security at a Florida airport, after it was discovered that they may have tried to practice skiplagging during a layover.

For those that do not know (including myself before today), skiplagging is the term used when a person buys a plane ticket that includes a layover in their intended destination, then leaves the airport instead of getting back on the plane for the next leg of the flight.

Many airlines, including American Airlines, have cracked down on this practice in recent years.

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American Airlines staff members in Gainesville suspected that the teen was skiplagging because he possessed a North Carolina license, which was the location of the flight's layover. The final destination of the flight was an unspecified New York City airport, according to the report.

He was detained in a security room by security staff members, and according to the teen's father, Hunter Parsons, was forced to purchase a $400 ticket for a direct flight to North Carolina.

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The teen was banned from American Airlines for three years, according to Parsons, a punishment which he considers to be unjust, given that his son never actually did anything wrong, according a quote obtained by Insider.

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