There are good things, and bad things, about being a professional basketball player in New York.

The list of good things is plentiful: you're a star in the city that never sleeps, and playing for championships in front of passionate fans every game. You pull on the legendary blue-and-orange every game, and play your home games at the historic Madison Square Garden.

With that fame, however, comes the fact that you're in the public eye every waking minute of every day. So, when you happen to get in trouble, more people know about it. These ten Knicks' players fit that description perfectly.

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Over the years, members of the Knicks' organization, who were both players and coaches, have run into trouble with the law at one point or another. Names like J.R. Smith, Derek Fisher, Raymond Felton and more have made headlines with arrests in recent years, all of which came with varying degrees of severity.

Below, we have compiled a list of ten Knicks' who had this same fate. The point of this list, as well as former lists that we've done, isn't to besmirch the names of any of these athletes. Rather, the purpose is to present facts about what's happened in the past, and if possible, inform fans of the team about how they've grown and improved as a result of the issues they've faced in the past.

With that being said, here are ten former members of the New York Knicks' organization who have been arrested, and the stories behind each of them.

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