It was heating up Sunday afternoon during the ATP Sony Open in Miami, Fla. During the event, the 22-year-old Bulgarian and No. 16 ranked Grigor Dimitrov was in a tight match with No. 20 Key Nishikori.


The temperature reached 89 degrees in the air during the match. The court could have been up to 5-15 degrees warmer.  The action heated up mid- match when Dimitrov walked over toward a ball girl behind him for a towel to wipe himself off.

It was during this time that Dimitrov possibly made the biggest play of the day. He realized the ball girl was about to faint from the grueling conditions. The young Bulgarian immediately stopped the match to tend to the young lady and bring her over to the medical staff on site.

Dimitrov would lose the match, but at the end of the day got a standing ovation from the fans for being a class act of a player.


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