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Kevin-Any way to purchase 2 of this sweet coffee mugs? Or do they come with my 2020 track tks. I won?

Michael-Betts going dodgers yeah right

Khris-Levack,is it just me or did Hal look pissed or frustrated during Cole's press conference vs the smiling when signed the big 3 in 2009?? I bet he's thinking "If Astros didn't cheat,I could've saved $324 mill plus tax & won 2 titles"...lol

Jeff-agreed @MLB is angling to owning at least the rights of their minor league affiliates - building a better pyramid (scheme) and hold small towns and local owners hostage.

Greg-Kicker/DST flex position  @TomGozz

Mike-Should have thrown Undercuffler love with the #3 vote

Michael George-@THEjefflevackif you win the@DeathWishCoffee FFL you need to request a @THEjefflevackmug &@TomGozz fanny pack

Chef Mike-I can freak out for you if you want a substitute... Guest with an attitude? I'm your guy...

Randy- Is this the couch auction ?

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