Yes, you read the title correctly. I will prove to you why the best college football team could be the worst NFL team.

Tim Tebow has been quite the sensation so far in this NFL season. He's been primarily successful running the option with the Denver Broncos. The option is rarely to never ran in the NFL anymore since it's a basic offense, not very complex, and easy for an NFL defense to scheme. However, the Broncos and Tebow have been able to make it work successfully.

A few weeks ago Brian Noe, host of "The Noe Show", posed a question to his listeners on who would win on a match between the best college team and the worst NFL team. This question really got me intrigued, and looking at what Tim Tebow and the Broncos have done combined with the football play of the LSU Tigers and Indianapolis Colts, lead me to believe that the best college team could certainly have a great chance to beat the worst NFL team.

Here's the argument. The best college team, or any football team that is playing great has great communication, great timing, and great execution. The worst NFL team or any football team that is underachieving doesn't have great communication, has poor execution, and the structure of the overall team is weak. At this point in the season, the Colts are the worst NFL team. The entire team is not in sync and is currently displaying poor communication to get anything accomplished on the football field. Meanwhile, the number one college team currently, LSU, is playing great football and playing as a team with great defense and execution on the field.

While the Colts have an entire roster of NFL players, some of these players are fill-ins and aren't starters. LSU certainly has NFL-caliber starting talent and other complementary players to fill in their team. To me, it's pretty cut and dry the best college team could defeat the worst NFL team.

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