The best part of every single Super Bowl? Well, of course, it's the commercials!

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Yes, I am aware that most sports fans just rolled their eyes at that statement, and to those fans, yes, I am kidding. That being said, a huge population of the viewing audience for the Super Bowl believes that statement wholeheartedly.

If it's not the commercials, then it's the food and the excuse to drink on a Sunday.

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No matter who you are, it's impossible to ignore some of the best commercials that air every Super Bowl Sunday. Some are meaningful, some are hilarious, and some make you wonder who paid millions of dollars for them to air during the game.

Even when New York teams are playing for the Lombardi Trophy, every fan will watch the commercials intently. During each year that a New York team (sorry, Buffalo) hoisted the Lombardi Trophy, here is the commercial that Town & Country Magazine ranked as the best.

1969: New York Jets vs. Baltimore Colts - Chrysler

Days after Joe Namath guaranteed victory, the New York Jets and the Baltimore Colts took the field. Among the many commercials to air during 1969's Super Bowl broadcast, was this revolutionary spot from Chrysler car company.

1987: New York Giants vs. Denver Broncos - Pepsi

The New York Giants' first Super Bowl victory, over John Elway and the Denver Broncos, was a momentous event for New York sports. Fans were made a bit thirsty while watching the game, thanks to this memorable Pepsi advertisement, featuring the ever-engaging Michael J. Fox.

1991: New York Giants vs. Buffalo Bills - Nike

In a battle of upstate versus downstate, the New York Giants were one of three teams to hand the Buffalo Bills a record four consecutive losses in the big game. Even the fans on the losing side were captivated by this ad for Nike.

2008: New York Giants vs. New England Patriots - Bridgestone

The New York Giants took the field in early 2008 against the undefeated New England Patriots, and treated fans to a game to remember. The commercials were almost equally as memorable, including this classic from Bridgestone.

2012: New York Giants vs. New England Patriots - Bud Light

Few genres of commercial are successful as often as beer commercials at the Super Bowl. This time around, it was a Bud Light commercial that grabbed the attention of fans while the Giants beat the Pats again.

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