Social media's favorite segment returns this Thursday. Socially Awkward Media, the segment that spotlights the best, worst and the most awkward comments from this past week's social media platforms. This week's Socially Awkward Media was back to its usual spot at 4pm, and was live from Katy O'Byrnes in Schenectady for the 2019 NFL Draft . (Remember each tweet, facebook post, instagram message below is written the same way in which we received it. Spelling can be important!)

Matt-Giants need defense at 6.. Take best defensive player, then at 17 take O-line. Rosen isn’t worth a first round pick...

Donald- What will be the biggest surprise draft pick made tonight?

William-Giants must have a QB.

Josh-Odell is a diva, he wanted to get traded and then got in his feelings when giants traded him. Giants get Haskins and a DE at 17, they are coming for that NFC spinner title belt lol

Mike-Steelers fan... and no, cause he couldn’t beat out any of the three QB’s on the roster.

Digger-Absolutely not. As a raiders fan, I vividly remember the JaMarcus Russell experiment. I’m not saying he’s better or worse, I’d just prefer not to set the team up to be put in that situation

SubTerranWolf-History will be made tonight...& next year. Cardinals will be the 2nd team to select a QB in round 1 in consecutive drafts & the first to do it 3 in a row after they trade Rosen for a 1st next year, take Murray this year <stinks> & do it all again come 2020.





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