One of if not the most popular weekly segment on Levack and Goz is Thursday's 4:00 pm segment called Socailly Awkward Media The segment spotlights the best, worst and the most awkward comments from this past week's social media platforms. This week's Socially Awkward Media was back to its usual spot after last week's edition was pushed to Friday because of Yankee baseball coverage. Did your social media post make the top ten this week? Let us know your thoughts on this week's edition. And hey, this time the typos aren't our own:

Michael- Which team ended the Pittsbugh Penguins winning streak in 93? (New York Yankees)

Kirt-I just heard this question on the radio lol

Alex-Aaron Boone picking his nose

Ryan-You should just pause all baseball talk in April. Every April, the Ysnkees look like trash, and the Mets are world beaters. Then May hits and everything goes back to normal.

Darrel Blond-Nerd Alert!

Casey and Jamal- Phil Jackson LOL

Rusty-Jamarcus Ruffles?

Mighty Egghead-Antonio Brown fanny pack night with

Michael George-art imitating life, as you announce the top five at five and I see for the first time ever attack East firewater truck right in front of me at a stoplight

Chris G -Let it be known. My first official tweet is to make sure and know I created a Twitter just to tweet sports at them


Remember you can always let your opinion be head by either posting on our official Facebook page ( or by tweeting at us directly (@TheJeffLevack, @TomGozz, @1045TheTeam ) It's possible that next Thursday, your post could be read on Socially Awkward Media.

To hear this week's version, check out the audio below later this week.

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