Welcome to the NFL coaching ranks 2 " Newbees" to the head coaching position. The San Diego Chargers give their head coaching opening to Denver broncos offensive co-ordinator Mike McCoy while the Chicago Bears hire CFL head coach and a former offensive ' guru" Marc Trestman to run their club.

Trestman was coaching Montreal in the CFL and has twice led that franchise to the Grey Cup, the Canadian equal of the Super Bowl. Trestman has vast NFL experience  with several franchises including Oakland, Arizona, San Francisco and many others. He is called 1 of the brightest offensive minds not yet a head coach in the NFL. he also has coached in college. He left the University of North Carolina State to take the Montreal job. Trestman has also been a QB guru, mentoring and tutoring several big name NFL signal callers and working with QB's getting them ready for the draft.

Meantime the Chargers give their top job to McCoy who helped lead the Denver Broncos to the AFC West title this past season. Before becoming the offensive co-ordinator with the Broncos he was their QB's coach. The Chargers had planned a few more interviews, most prominent was Colts offensive co-ordinator Bruce Arians but were said to be " blown away" by McCoy and thus they cancelled those interviews.

Now onto the Philadelphia Eagles who surprisingly haven't found their guy yet despite what i think is more talent on paper then most " bad" teams. The Eagles were reportedly ready to tab Gus Bradley, the defensive co-ordinator in Seattle. However it seems now that Bradley will interview with Jacksonville 1st. it is interesting how all the openings so far have been gobbled up by "offensive" coaches. Bradley would be a good hire in my opinion cause the guy that can stop these offenses or the team that can will be the ultimate winner. Offense sells tickets. Defense wins titles!

Other teams yet to settle on a coach right now are the Cardinals, Eagles, Jaguars,