The most talented, naturally-gifted passer in this year's draft is UCLA's Josh Rosen. Strip away Instagram posts, comments about going to class and sponsorship deals between schools and apparel giants and it's as close to a consensus as you'll get two weeks before the 1st round of any NFL Draft. Josh Allen might have a bigger arm. Sam Darnold might be the "safer" pick. Baker Mayfield might bring the attitude a particular team desires, but when concentrated on football, Josh Rosen has the tools that translate to being a franchise quarterback.

How big of a risk is he? That's what all of the teams at the top of the draft are still trying to figure out. Is he too big a risk to take number one overall? Can survive the New York market or is there too much which might distract the millennial mind?

In a raw Q&A interview with ESPN's Sam Alipour, Rosen admits his missteps and faults, but also debunks the theories that he can't commit to football. In ESPN the Magazine's cover story leading up to the draft, Alipour takes us inside the complex mind of Rosen with his thoughts that range from politics to climate change to compromise and yes, to football. Be sure to check out the piece online or in the mag and listen to our segment with Sam right here:

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