Yes I know it's the best 4 of 7 but turn out the lights on the NJ Devils. Losing 4-0 to the LA Kings on Monday sealed the fate and the Devils. This series is over be it Wednesday night or Friday night. The end is not in doubt. The Champion is known!

With all due respect to my friends with the Albany Devils and all their fans I had a chance to meet Saturday night in downtown Albany, your team is being humiliated by the Kings.

Now you can argue it wouldn't have mattered if the Rangers played the Kings for the Cup and I can't argue too much. The Devs beat the Rangers and that's that. However I do believe the Rangers style could have impeded the frieght train that is the LA Kings. You have to give it up to Los Angeles, who finished 13th in total points this year yet yet they are 15-2 in the post season. For the 3rd straight series they are up 3-0. AMAZING. They have won 10 road game swhich ties an NHL record.

The Kings could break that record if New jersey can win a game 4. Twice the Kings have had a chance to sweep an opponent and failed. They lost game 4's at home to Vancouver and Phoenix in rounds 1  and 3. Can the Devs get to a game 5? I don't think so.

Jersey threw everything at LA goaltender Jonathan Quick in the 1st 2 periods in game 3 and the Quickster stopped everything. Jersey had 6 power play chances-no luck. They have managed 2 goals in the entire series. The Rangers grind style may have worked better against the Kings but I think LA beats the rangers also. LA's stars and playing like stars and their role players are playing great. Their penalty kill is aggressive and any mistakes are covered up by the top American Golie in the NHL in Quick.

This series is over. The NHL's worst nightmare-a sweep is at hand. This isn't Devil hate just fact. I expect NJ to give a good effort in game 4 and when Quick thwarts them early heads will hang and that will be that.

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