The first, second and third dates are all crucial parts to a successful relationship. The first date is the awkward one. You ask timid questions, try not to spill your drink and mask any nerves with corny jokes.

The third date...well, if it goes well, it goes REALLY well.

The second date is a bit of a wild card. A lot of second dates are based off of the success, or failure, of the first date. A young couple decided to attend an Arizona Diamondbacks game for their second date, and it became possibly the most publicized second date I've ever seen, thanks to a curious roommate, and a devious digital media employee.

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Before I give the short version, I HIGHLY recommend everyone reads the full exchange on Twitter. Here is the link to the first tweet, so you can enjoy scrolling from there.

It all started with a tweet...

The unnamed parties in this story are "BuckArmy" and "MBone", who are roommates.

Yes, I thought of the Vine, too.

BuckArmy's request for information was passed along from the Diamondbacks' Twitter to their television partner, Bally Sports Arizona. After a few unsuccessful attempts to locate MBone, BuckArmy sent a screenshot of MBone's iPhone location. That was followed with this response...


Screenshot (2)


This began an incredible back-and-forth conversation between BuckArmy and the Diamondbacks, in which they described body language, discovered the happy couple laughing at the Twitter exchange, and then finally, this...


Screenshot (4)

The Diamondbacks. Put the couple. ON THE JUMBOTRON.

To someone who wasn't following along on Twitter, this was nothing more than a fan cam or kiss cam that you see at most games. For those that did discover this conversation, however, this was one of the funniest in-game social interactions from a team you'll ever see.

After all of this, it was confirmed through Twitter DM that a third date is in the works. Congrats, MBone.

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