Before Friday, February 10th, there were only two legal marijuana dispensaries in the Empire State, and both of them were located in Manhattan. Since recreational marijuana had been legalized in New York in March of 2021, Upstate New York residents hadn't had many reliable options for purchasing legal cannabis products.

On Friday, all of that changed, as the doors of a Binghamton storefront were opened, and a major marijuana milestone was met.

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First Upstate New York Dispensary Opens; 'Just Breathe' Binghamton Opens Doors

A story from the Binghamton Homepage and other outlets shared details about the grand opening of Just Breathe, the first legal adult-use marijuana dispensary to open its doors in Upstate New York. The operation opened for business at 3PM on Friday, February 10th, welcoming the first of many customers.

The business is located at 75 Court Street in Binghamton, New York, just over two hours by car from Albany. Just Breathe will be open from 12-8PM Monday through Wednesday; 12-9PM Thursdays and Saturdays; and 12-10PM on Fridays.

The store will be closed on Sundays.

The Binghamton store front that Just Breathe now occupies / Google Maps
The Binghamton store front that Just Breathe now occupies / Google Maps

The report notes that local and state representatives piled into the storefront [Friday] afternoon to officially launch the business, a major milestone for an industry that was legalized recreationally nearly two years ago.

Customers who visit Just Breathe will all experience the same top-notch treatment from employees on-duty that day. You will be asked to present your ID, after which you will be met by a budtender. From there, you and your Master of Cannabis Ceremonies will work together to find the product that's best for you.

Just Breathe was created by Damien Cornwell, and is owned by On Point Cannabis.

Photo by Add Weed on Unsplash
Photo by Add Weed on Unsplash

As mentioned above, this is a huge moment for an industry that is still in its infancy in New York. Granted, there are other ways for people in Upstate New York to obtain cannabis and its many related products; the Capital Region just welcomed its first cannabis store a few weeks ago, and sticker stores have been caught selling weed as a "gift" attached to their normal products.

The term dispensary changes things significantly, however, and as of Friday afternoon, three is now officially the magic number for dispensaries in the Empire State.

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