Today I came to grips with the shift of power in the sporting world, and I’m not happy about it.

Alright the old song is “The spirit of Massachusetts is the spirit of America”. The only way I use to think that was true was if the American Spirit was made up of bad Pizza and people who struggled with the word “River”.  I mean I hated Boston, I hated their sports fans, I hated their rock bands (Aero-smith Sucks) I even hated “Good, Will Hunting”. The Only thing I tolerated from there was Conan O’Brien and their Chowder.  Here are some of my true feelings.

The Boston Red Sox (signed the biggest Free agent bat of the off-season)- David Ortiz looks like cookie monster if had 5 injections  of  “Milkshakes”  but they still give A-Rod a hard time. Their fans are a bunch of cry babies who complain about the Yankees spending money, when they spend almost as much money. I mean Last I checked Carl Crawford wasn’t playing the outfield for a chunk of Ted Williams’s frozen head.

The Bruins- the Rangers may have given a home to The NHL’s bad boy Sean Avery, but the Bruins have a guy named SATIN. Where is the line Boston? where is the line?

The Celtics (#1 NBA TEAM)- I was fine with the Boston Celtics…. Until they won an NBA championship and all the Celtic Jerseys started popping up around Albany.   Everyone wearing them was a fan for “LIFE” too. Now I know the Knicks suck, but there are other options for the basketball season in upstate New York, like Yankees Classics on YES.

Good, Will Hunting- Not enough Ben Affleck, you got a guy that handsome in the cast he sure as hell better be on screen the whole time.

New England Patriots- They are perfect in every way, they’re like a Ken doll with working junk. There isn’t anything about them that doesn’t work when it should, and to the best it can……… That doesn’t change the fact that they are all a bunch of cheaters, and bill Bellacheat looks like a  homeless Footlocker Employee.

 All that Said, Boston is making the moves to become a sports power in every sport or something.

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