The way the Giants season has gone, it's easy to forget expectations were so high just a few months ago. 

But there is a reason many experts expected big things from the Giants heading into this season. Although it has turned to complete disaster, there is no reason most of those upsides shouldn't still be there next year. The Giants may have blown this season under McAdoo's leadership, but whoever is at the helm next year is going to have a good shot at doing what the team should have done this year.

ESPN ran a story on their front page this morning to rank the top open head coaching positions in the NFL. According to their analysis, the Giants position is only the fourth best in the league this year. Their list ranked the Bears, Browns, and Texans jobs as better than the Giants. I get that there is a lot of upside to working with highly rated young QBs and that the Texans looked like the real deal until Watson was lost for the year, but none of these teams have shown the longer-term organizational stability that the Giants have.

If it were me, I'd take the Giants job. I'd like to see Manning take one last run into the playoffs, this time with Odel Beckham Jr. and then build on what the Giants have been doing over the past few years. If I had to work for one of those organizations, the Giants seem by far the most likely to provide me with the resources and support to get the team back on top of its division.


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