Quarterback, shortstop, head coach or catcher.  What is the most difficult job in sports?

My answer might surprise you!

Being a referee is the most difficult job in sports.


YOU’RE ALWAYS WRONG. No matter what call you make, it’s the wrong one.  If you’re favoring one team, the other team doesn’t like it and vice-versa.  You will never please everyone – no matter what you do.

In baseball, your strike zone is either too wide or too narrow.  In basketball, you either let them play or call anything.  In football, you have to be selective on the calls because holding happens on every play.

I just couldn’t imagine doing a job and having every decision you make be second guessed by millions of people.

NO ONE LIKES YOU FROM THE GET-GO. You’re the instant enemy the minute you step out on the field.  Fans assume they know the rules more than you and they assume you’re out there only to ruin their teams’ chances for a victory.

Even if you get a call right – if it’s for the wrong team – you’re going to get booed.  The only time you’re even noticed is when you screw up.  That’s a thankless job.  No one tells you when you’re doing it right – only when you get it wrong.

NOBODY’S PERFECT BUT YOU’RE EXPECTED TO BE. When you are at work do you get through the day without making a mistake?  Probably not. So why are referees expected to get 100% of their calls right every single time?  No one else yells at you when you forget to order toner for the copier.

Yeah – you blew a call at 1st base and now, you’re family is under 24 hour security because you received a death threat.  Refs don’t make nearly as much money as the athletes or the coaches but yet, they get as much or even more criticism than any of them – without the perks and benefits.

You’re not eating a free steak because you’re an NHL ref.  Chicks don’t want to get with you because you zebra stripes on the field.  The only way you’re meeting Kid Rock is by being caller #7 by listening to Free Beer and Hot Wings in the Morning on Q103.