Oh I am tingling just thinking about the newest New York  Knick. I am sure my audience will be as thrilled as me. Hey Brooklyn Nets fan eat your heart out. The Knicks are in!

The Knicks have signed-are you ready for this- James White. Yes theeeeeeeee James White. Now if you are asking who is James White you are 100% correct. Who the hell is James White and can he play point? The answers are I don't know and no but hey they are alive over at MSG and James White wasn't given 4 years and 45 million.

James White was signed to an offer sheet late last night. Yes an offer sheet. I bet teams will be beating down the door to try and steal theeeeeeeee James White away from the Knick clutches.

Oh I can't wait until 3pm today when I get to break the news for so many eager Knick fans to know James White has been signed. Ok Game On listeners today 3pm on 1045 The Team-ESPN radio I will get all foamy and what not when announcing the big news. Heck I am sooo excited I may break into our regular programming to make the big  announcment. I am not sure this huge news can wait :)

White by the way  has played the last 2 years in the Italian league. he averaged 17 points per game and grabbed 5 rebounds per game. In the ITALIAN league. Wait he dished 3 assists per game as well. Hey maybe he can play point. You think J. White will tell C.Anthony not to shoot so much. Nooooooo chance. White did spend a couple of years in the NBA mostly riding pine for the Spurs and Rockets.

So Knick fans don't be so down. Their is life at Penn Station and it isn't even the trains.

James White is a Knick. Now I can sleep better!