I love David Wright like any Mets fan, but as usual the Mets biggest news comes from something symbolic, but nothing that will make the team better for this season.

David Wright was named as the 4th captain in New York Mets history and it seemed to excite the minions but on the field this means nothing. To take nothing away from Wright but you rather he get the C for captain that you don't even get, or perhaps an outfielder with some major league chops or a relief pitcher that can close games on a consistent basis and not give Met fans heart burn?

From the media reaction you would have thought that in some way this would make the Mets x games better but C or no C Wright is the least of the Mets concerns.

Wright joins Keith Hernandez, Gary Carter, and John Franco as Met captains past and present. Showing how useless this is Tom Seaver never was captain. Nor was Mookie Wilson, Lee Mazzilli, Tug McGraw, Ed Kranepool, or on and on and on.

Ok Wright is honored and all that good stuff and again that's fine but listening to Mets management which in my view is either fooling themselves, oblivious, or not caring of the product on the field, and oh throw in inept, but you would think the Mets solved all their ills with this move or how it was some long thought strategic coup. It is none of the above but just a way for the Mets to basically, in a symbolic fashion ask the Met fans for more time to turn around this lousy team.

Owner Fred Wilpon has vowed to open the check book next year. In my view more time killing measures. Meanwhile the organization has basically bought Wrights silence. Wright isn't 1 to complain much save for subtle messages of his frustrations. Now as captain will he even make those?

No I would rather the Mets pay more attention to 3 other more important C's that will make Wright and Met fans even happier then this mean nothing maneuver. Those C's are C for closer. C for centerfielder, and C for cash as in spend some and end Wright's and our misery!

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