Just when you thought the NFL lockout couldn't get any wackier, now this!

The NFL Players Association is putting into place a plan that would prevent each top college prospect from attending next month's draft in New York.

So basically the NFLPA doesn't want any of the draft picks to be in attendance when Roger Goddell calls their name at next month's draft.

It might sound harsh but I actually agree with the NFLPA here.  If the NFLPA doesn’t want them to, college players shouldn’t attend the NFL Draft.

You don't want to have the Players Union against you even before you play an NFL down.

Look, I would want to go to the NFL Draft if I were one of these guys too.   Let's face it, it's a lifelong dream to be drafted and to get the picture taken with the commissioner and have all the pomp and circumstance around it - that would it be cool for my family – absolutely.

But as a player entering the league, you can’t piss off your co-workers.  If you attend the NFL Draft, you’ve essentially crossed the picket line.  You are now a scab to the players and are now their enemy.  You’re doing something they didn’t want you to do.

I wouldn't want to go into training camp (whenever that may be) with my teammates not wanting me there.  I also don’t want strikes against me without ever stepping on the field with my future teammates.  If I’m Blane Gabbert or Cam Newton, I don’t attend NFL Draft.

They need to show solidarity with their co-workers.  Their opportunity to be an NFL player and to have that dream will come when they start playing games.


Remember, the Owners are "LOCKING OUT" the players. Those draftees are PLAYERS. So, enough with the "it’s unfair, it’s their dream, it’s a great experience, it’s their moment to shine” – crap!

These same drafted players are being denied by the owners the opportunity to negotiate a contract and obtain insurance as long as they continued to be – LOCKED OUT.  The NFLPA is basically losing money and guys are missing paychecks and don’t have insurance.  You would be going against a very strong union while these players livlihood is at stake.

My stance would be, "We’re in a fight – we’re not getting paychecks, we’re losing health benefits" therefore, I'm not going!

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