Last week, Upstate New Yorker Erin Hamlin ignited the Capital Region whenever she became the first American ever to medal in a luge event.

The Remsen, NY native called into the Team and told us about a bet her father made in regards to his facial hair:

“Over four years ago we had a foreign exchange student staying with my family," said Hamlin. "I think they made a little bit of a bet that if I won an Olympic medal of any color that he would have to shave off his beard that he’s had longer than I’ve been alive."

Well, one beard is down but it's not Ron Hamlin's. Family friend Justin Foster apparently was a part of the wager as well and ladies and gentlemen, his lengthy beard has hit the floor!


Photo by Justin Foster


Photo by Justin Foster

Erin Hamlin still insists that her father does not have to shave his beard and the latest we're hearing is that perhaps a little "fun clipping" will be in order once the Erin returns home at the conclusion of the Olympics.

Photo by Remsen Elementary School
Pictured, Ron Hamlin

What will Ron Hamlin's beard look like in the near future? To be continued ...