This weekend will be the first time in 20 weeks we haven't had a meaningful football game. Even with the NFL Pro Bowl game which I do enjoy being played for me it's ALL ABOUT THE SKILLS CHALLENGE!!!

The beauty of the Skills Challenge is not only do we get to see the top athletes in the NFL have fun in competitions we rarely get to see them in but you really get to see just how much they hate to lose at anything. Just watch them play dodge ball in last year's challenge.

This year's challenges will include:

40 Yard Splash: A challenge that is all about teamwork inspired by the bucket brigade.

Gridiron Gauntlet: Five players from each team face off in a relay race/obstacle course.

Best Hands: Receivers show off their hands.

Precision Passing: QBs get there time in the spotlight.

Epic Pro Bowl Dodge ball: It's dodge ball!

Skills challenge will air Thursday, January 24, at 9:00 PM ET on ESPN and Disney XD.


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