The Giants had their bye week in Week 11, is that good or bad timing to have a bye week more than halfway through the season?

New England Patriots v New York Giants
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"There’s all kinds of reasons why you want bye weeks here or there," said former Giants coach Jim Fassel, to "Armen and Leavck". "Right about now gives the coaches some time reevaluate everything they’re doing and the players to heal up.

"I don’t think there’s a down side to a bye week. Too many times people talk about losing before a bye or they won after a bye. I think it just all depends on the time."

The Giants players are currently given a few days to unwind, but by Sunday were back at the facility and thinking about their next opponent.

"I didn’t want to just shut it down for a whole week and those guys take off. I wanted to get them fresh but not over do it. These seasons are long enough, you need to give them a break for a little bit because they always come back fresher."

Fassel downplayed having an extra seven days to game play for the next matchup, in this case, against the Redskins.

"In the end, it just matters how you play the game. Coaches in the NFL are at the top of the coaching ladder, they know how to coach. It's not like you get smarter in an extra week."

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