Baltimore Orioles v New York Yankees - Game Two
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The first week of October is the busiest sports week of the year. Where can you hear all of your favorite games including MLB playoffs, NFL, and college football action? Check out the below schedule to find out.

(Please note JIP means join in progress. TBD means to be determined. Also schedule is subject to change AND due to MLB and NFL streaming rights these games are NOT able to be heard on the 104.5 The Team app)


Rays@ Houston 130pm pregame 2pm first pitch

NFL Preview show to follow post game (30 mins)

Yankees vs Twins 625pm pregame 705pm first pitch

Nationals @ Dodgers JIP


Purdue vs Penn State 1130am pregame noon kickoff

Yankees vs Twins 425pm pregame 505 first pitch

Rays @ Astros JIP

UAlbany @ Richmond 130pm pregame 2pm kickoff The Breeze 


Jets vs Eagles noon pregame 1pm kickoff

Dodgers @ Nationals and Braves @ Cardinals TBD

Cowboys vs Saints 7:20pm pregame 8:20pm pregame The Breeze


Rays/A's @ Astros Game 3 TBD

Yankees @ Twins Game 3TBD

Braves @ Cardinals Game 4 TBD If necessary

Dodgers @ Nationals Game 4 TBD if necessary

Browns @ 49ers ​ 730pm pregame 820pm kickoff on 103.9 The Breeze

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