The XFL has long been the punchline of a joke when people talk about trying to challenge the NFL. Those days could be behind us as Vince McMahon of WWE fame is reviving his failed league with an eye on 2020 for a return date.

There are still a bunch of questions but here's what we know. The new XFL is supposed to begin in 2020 with eight teams and a ten week schedule. The teams will have 40 mn rosters and the oddest and possibly most disappointing part is "gimmick free" football. I for one didn't hate the "gimmicks" of the original XFL. The cheerleaders were hot and my favorite wrestling stars were always around. I want real football between the whistles and some of that McMahon showmanship wrapped around the real action.

The biggest question I have beside where will the talent rank compared to the NFL but the schedule. The season will start in January while the NFL is in it's playoffs. Good luck Vince. I firmly believe a little competition is good for everyone.

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