XFL's PJ Walker Signs With NFL Team
The second go round for the XFL didn't happen as planned, at least not so far. The season like many, if not all professional sports leagues was negatively impacted by the COVID-19 version of the coronavirus. The first season which was off to a pretty good start was shut down prematurely. With m…
XFL Week 2 Schedule
Week one of the XFL was everything I hoped it would be and more, so I'm super excited for week two. I already find myself angry that teams are being ranked ahead of "MY" New York Guardians. One of those teams will host the Guardians Saturday when they head to D.C. to face the Defender…
Week One Of The XFL Kicks Off This Weekend
With the NFL season over and the Kansas City Chiefs crowned as champs, normally football would be over BUT NOT THIS YEAR! The XFL is back and kicks off this Saturday. Here is the full slate of this week's games and details on how you can join us when we go see the New York Guardians host the Lo…
XFL Commissioner Helps Levack Taunt Goz (AUDIO)
As soon as the XFL announced they would have a team in New York I got excited. I love football and the XFL will help with my post Super Bowl withdrawal. However Goz took the stance of "the league will never even kickoff." So of course we decided to settle our discussion as only two mature …
XFL Unveils New Rules
The XFL will kick off the week after the NFL Super Bowl on Saturday, February 8th and we're now learning some of the rules that will differentiate the XFL from the NFL. You can see a quick tutorial at XFL.com.
Sporting News' Bill Bender On NCAAF And The XFL [AUDIO]
The Sporting News' Bill Bender is one of our favorite Guests on Levack and Goz here on 104.5 The Team. Bender is basically a human computer of knowledge when it comes to not just College Football but all of sports. We focus on NCAAF and even though it breaks Goz's heart we talk some XFL.
Find Out Where Malachi Jones Will Play Football In 2020
Ever since Wide Receiver Malachi Jones made his debut with the Albany Empire he's been a favorite here in the Capital Region. He also hasn't stopped playing professional football during that time. After joining the Empire in 2018, Jones went straight to the Atlanta Legends in the Alliance …
The XFL Is Coming Back!
The XFL has long been the punchline of a joke when people talk about trying to challenge the NFL. Those days could be behind us as Vince McMahon of WWE fame is reviving his failed league with an eye on 2020 for a return date.