There's an old saying that "Hindsight is 20/20" but in the case of former Albany Empire star receiver Malachi Jones his foresight appears to also be very clear. After last year's Arena Bowl Jones was picked up by the Seattle Dragons of the new and improved XFL. Malachi's days as a Dragon were numbered as he shortly thereafter joined the Montreal Alouettes. We all know now that the XFL was doomed thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, but what was it that made Malachi decide to take his talents north of the border?

One of the key factors that Jones said he considered was just how long the Canadian Football League has been in existence. Another was the "high motion" which is a formation that is legal in both the Arena League (or at least it was) and in the CFL. So in other words Malachi Jones made a smart and educated decision that paid off almost immediately. The only set back at this moment is the COVID-19 pandemic didn't stop at the northern border of the US. The CFL will hopefully get underway in September. Meanwhile, Jones is spending time with family and training with his brother T.J. Who recently signed with the Toronto Argonauts also of the CFL.

Listen below as Levack and Goz catch up with Malachi Jones.


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