This off-season the contempt for players by Hank and Hal Steinbrenner is becoming very, very apparent.

The treatment of Derek Jeter earlier this off-season, and Hanks comments most recently about Jeter being to pre occupied with “Building a Manson” to win the ALCS in 2010.  Both of these are signs of the two son’s of the boss do not share the love of the players that their father once did.

Their treatment of Jeter is going to be felt throughout the club house of the organization, if their star is getting treated like this how a utility out fielder will be treated when it comes to his deal. This treatment will also keep star players away from the Yankees, think would you sacrifice 1-20 percent of your income to be treated like star opposed to being treated like a burden.

If Hank and Hal (the brothers Grim) don’t change there tune, the Yankees will be hindered for years to come. If they treat C.C. like this next season they will have no starting pitching of note in 2011.  They need to get over their jealousy, whether it was their father loving Jeter more then them, paying Jeter more then them, or both. They need to grow up and get over it before their whining behavior ruins the most prestigious team in baseball.

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