Let's take a journey back into the past, shall we?

Now, we may not be able to drive 88 MPH and make this happen (yet), but we can still dive back into the history books, and learn a bit more about the glorious past of the Capital Region. As I've written about in the past, Albany was named the capital of New York in 1797, but has a history that dates back at least a century prior.

For centuries, hard-working Capital Region residents have travelled to-and-from their day jobs, earning wages for themselves and their families. That being said, your "day job" may have looked a bit different if you were living around Albany in, say, 1872.

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The website Stacker compiles data on a number of lifestyle topics, and generates rankings from the stats that they find. In this instance, Stacker took data on the number of employees working various careers from the late 1800's, and ranked the jobs that Albany residents were working the most 150 years ago.

The jobs that Stacker included in their rankings paint an interesting picture of the climate of Albany, New York 150 years ago. The majority of the population in the Albany metropolitan area was working-class, blue-collar, and earning money through honest work.

So, the types of jobs that are being worked now are different from back then, but the work ethic of those in the Capital Region has largely stayed the same. Here are the ten jobs that Albany residents were working the most 150 years ago, and stats on how many residents in New York, and the country, were working them, too.

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