Well it would have been interesting to see who was the bigger villain. Who would talking point Americans tune into to hate on more-The Tiger or the King. but sadly it didn't happen cause Tiger didn't happen.

Tiger's fade was the most disappointing aspect of a great sports weekend. It was slow and shocking. Woods came to the Olympic Club in San Francisco tied for the lead after 2 rounds of the U.S Open. From there it was all downhill and as usual with Golf it happened slow and painfully.

Woods had been almost perfect after holding the lead or being tied for the lead after 2 rounds of a major. 9 wins and 1 defeat. Make that 2 defeats now. Combine that with this amazing stat-We have now had 15 straight 1st time major winners the last 15 majors. You talk parity and balance. It also means that Tiger freightens no one anymore on the golf course. No longer do opposing golfers buckle at the sight of Woods. No longer do they need to fawn over him at every  TV camera. Many times he isn't even asked about anymore.

Woods capped off his brutal weekend with a respectful for anyone else 73 on the par 70 course on Fathers day. He started off terribly but hung in there to shoot a 73. This after shooting 6 over on the 1st 6 holes Sunday.

Now if you are looking for a sign or 2 that Tiger is getting back to even a shadow of his old form it is this-he didn't toss any clubs. Didn't kick any clubs. Didn't drop any clubs after a bad shot and he even smiled a little after a birdie late.  No hissy fits  from Tiger as we have seen. Of course no championship either.

Now how juicy would it have been to see a 1st or close to 1st place Tiger and America's number 1 sports villain (for some reason but I don't feel that way at all) Lebron James go head to head for ratings Sunday night. With the late starting Tee times on the west coast if Tiger had been at the top it means he would have been roughly through 8 or 9 holes while game 3 of the NBA finals tipped off.  Oh how would I would have loved to see those ratings charts. Unlike Tiger though, Lebron did win and is excelling leading his team,  the Heat to a 2-1 lead over America's sweetheart team the Ok City Thunder. Course back when things made some sense in the world and in sports it would be the Thunder who would be considered the villain for moving that franchise coldy from it's original home in Seattle. See the Browns or Colts or Dodgers and Giants. But things no longer make any sense so the zombie public hates on Lebron. Again not I. Although it is hard to root for the Heat ( I am a Knicks fan) I want to to see the King get his ring and shut up all the Zombie haters.

The King scored 29  and  hauled in 14 boards-his average is 30 and 10 for the finals as the  Heat survived game 3  winning 91-85. For good measure he held Kevin Durant to 4 points in the 4th quarter. When and if Lebron wins the title don't fret those haters will  discover new reasons to hate on the King. My favorite will be whiner zombie (waaah he only has 1 ring. waaaaaah).

 However as the weekend has passed we are left to wonder what if-What if Tiger held up his end. Who would have garnered the biggest rating for the 2 hours plus the Golf and Basketball went head to head. For now we will never know.

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