How could New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow save kickoffs in the NFL, you ask?  Simply click on the link and let the power of video technology wash over you.

The NFL suits have had discussions about eliminating the kickoff altogether.  The NFL is routinely hit with lawsuits by ex-players who are trying to sue the league.  With concussions mounting, the league has discussed ways to make the game safer.  One of the ideas includes eliminating kickoffs.

Tim Tebow might be featured on the Jets' kickoff coverage team this year.  I realize that this hasn't been confirmed yet and that it's just a possibility.  However, it got me thinking about the potential effect Tebow could have on the NFL if this actually does take place.  Tebow is the most popular player in the NFL.  He's easily the most polarizing player.  If Tebow is consistently contributing on the kickoff unit, it could have a dramatic effect on the league's efforts to eliminate kickoffs.  The powers that would have to think a lot harder and longer if Tim Tebow is exciting crowds with his play on special teams.

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