Sorry Giants fans, but the Tom Coughlin era should come to an end.  It's hard to fathom, I know, but we've been down this road before, haven't we?

After yesterday's 45-17 loss to Green Bay, the Giants now need help to get into the playoffs.  All they had to do was beat the Packers yesterday and they were in.

A bad pattern has emerged here people.  Tom Coughlin’s teams have notoriously started off great and then folded down the stretch. Coughlin’s record with the Giants is 63-46 in 7 years with the Giants.  In his 7 year tenure, the Giants even won the Super Bowl.

But let's peel away the banana away here and have a closer look at Coughlin's tenure with Big Blue.  Through his seven seasons with the Giants, they are 40-15 in the first half of the season but 23-31 in second half.

Last year, NY finished 8-8 and had pretty much had given up in the season’s final 2 games.  This year’s pattern looks pretty damn similar.  Since the 4th quarter of the Eagles game, the Giants have quit, given up and now even look unmotivated.  Just two of their 9 wins this season are against teams with winning records

I also think Coughlin has lost control of this team.  It's been bad defense while the player morale is down.  That Eagles loss was crushing, yesterday’s loss was devastating.

This was their biggest game of the year – a win and they’re in – but they commit 6 turnovers and get blown out?  That’s not the sign of a team that has “it”.  Six turnovers to me shows lack of focus.  Eli Manning proved why he's not an "elite" QB.  Elite QB's don't throw 4 interceptions in a game that they had to have.

When the poop hits the fan, the Giants poop their pants.  They always seem to cave in when the going gets tough.  Once the wheels come off, the Giants train will be derailed – count on it!!!!

You can't fire the players so someone has to take the blame.  The Giants have been outscored 73-17 since taking 31-10 lead over the Eagles with 8:00 to go in last week’s game.  All the Giants had to do was win this game but they laid an egg.

Some of you out there are saying, "Coughlin won the Super Bowl 3 years ago!!"  Yeah, but every year since then the Giants have either melted down at the end of the regular season or had a really bad 1st round flame out.

When evaluation Coughlin, I don’t look at one magical run to the Super Bowl in 2007, I look at an entire resume.

I see three 1st round playoff flameouts and two (possibly three) years of missing the post-season entirely.

At some point, a chance needs to be made.