New York Giants' QB Tommy DeVito blossomed into a star in front of our eyes on Monday night.

DeVito, an undrafted 25-year old New Jersey native, has gone from practice squad castaway, to the biggest star in New York (metropolitan area) football, seemingly overnight. Yes, he still lives with his parents, but that story has only aided in his meteoric rise to fame with Big Blue.

That all being said, as popular as he has become, there was one person who somehow was able to overshadow Tommy Cutlets on Monday Night Football last night.

That person is DeVito's agent.

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Meet Sean Stellato: Agent to Tommy DeVito, and Overnight Viral Sensation

It could be argued that the most popular story from the New York Giants' win against the Green Bay Packers happened before the game even kicked off. That is because, during ESPN's pregame broadcast, this video clip was shared:

The man you see in the video is Sean Stellato, the founder of Stellato Sports, a self-described multi-faceted sports representation and marketing agency. Stellato has represented NFL athletes such as RB Jonas Gray and CB Tye Smith, and apparently, he now represents Tommy DeVito, too.

That wasn't the only time we saw Stellato on the broadcast last night. Check out this clip that was shown during the game, featuring Stellato mixed in with the DeVito family in the stands at MetLife Stadium:

He even made an appearance on the Manningcast last night:

This entire situation gets increasingly surreal as each week passes by. Tommy DeVito is now playing like a star, and after winning three games in a row, has the Giants (who, mind you, did not score a point in the first three halves of their season) within ONE GAME of an NFC Wild Card spot.

His family, meanwhile, continues to grow its collective stardom after doing things like this in the Giants' parking lot:

Will any of this last past this season? I would guess not, but I've certainly been wrong about Tommy Cutlets before, and I hope I'm wrong again.

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