CBS Golf Analyst Peter Kostis had a familiar football name in his most recent video feature, and it was not Tony Romo, but his wife, Candice Romo. 

In the "Help Me Kostis" feature, that was shown during this past weekend's AT&T Byron Nelson, Mrs. Romo asked for help:

"Since Tony's been sidelined from the golf course lately," said Candice, "I'm now the golfer in the family. I need some help with my swing. Can you help me Kostis?"

Kostis' main advice for Candice was to bring better "leg action" to her game.

Stealing the show though was young three year old Hawkins Romo as Kostis had nothing but positive things to say about the child golfer's swing: "This is absolutely spectacular".

Kostis ranked Tony as the third best golfer in the family. Tough crowd.

Of course, Tony Romo has been an avid amateur golfer since the early 2000's and even tried to qualify for both the Byron Nelson back in 2004 and US Open in 2005, although fell short on both.

Romo is also new to Twitter, as the sharing of this video was only his fourth ever tweet.

Solid fourth tweet, Tony. Solid fourth tweet.

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