During the most unstable and entertaining award show ever, Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo threw a football to country star Luke Bryan. But that wasn't the headline of this back and forth.

In a predictable move (even my wife saw it coming before it happened), Blake Shelton asked Romo, "Waited a minute, this isn't one of them deflated balls, is it?"

And in a scripted, but still funny answer, Romo uncomfortably delivered a memorable line:

"Blake, we're the Dallas Cowboys, we have real balls."

That's cute. He also has one less Super Bowl ring than the Patriots as they captured yet another this past season in Phoenix. I'm sure all Cowboy fans found the humor in that?

In case you missed the ACM's, it was over-the-top strange but also a nice breath of fresh air from award shows as country music made it about the fans, showing non-stop cameos of teenage girls singing and dancing along to the songs instead of featuring the artists, who were in the stands, which was weird too.

Country music wanted a party for their 50th ACM Awards. Holy crap, they got it.