Last night, Maryland kicked off the 2011 season with a 32-24 win over Miami.  The Terps also started the year with brand new uniforms - which sparked a national debate.

Are the new Maryland uniforms awful?

No way.  I actually thought the new Maryland uniforms were great!  And I'm not just saying that because I'm a proud Maryland graduate (Class of 1993).  Hear me out.

I'll be honest, the new uniforms weren't really attractive.  I mean - all white uniforms with completely different shoulder patterns.  And a helmet that looked like someone came up with a concept and then quit midway through the design only to start a completely different pattern on the other side of the helmet.

I didn’t really understand why they started off the season with the all white uniforms with the state flag helmets.  I think they should have busted out the new season with their all-black uniforms.

But then, it dawned on me - there’s a reason Maryland did this.  Under Armour.  The Terps are Under Armour’s guinea pig.  Maryland graduate, Kevin Plank, founded Under Armour and Maryland is their showcase client.  So consider them the Oregon of the East.  What’s Oregon known for? Wacky uniforms by Nike.  Apparently, Maryland is now known for wacky uniforms by Under Armour.

The Maryland uniforms got people talking.  There wasn’t one person out there that didn’t have an opinion.  That’s good marketing.  Everyone now knows what the Maryland uniforms looked like. That’s what marketing is all about. It’s about recognition.

Did you know Maryland's uniform scheme last year?  Probably not!  But you do now.   For the first time ever, I’m legitimately talking Maryland football without sounding like a homer.


LeBron James sent out a tweet about how bad the uniforms looked.  That’s a direct advertisement to 2.5 million people! The uniforms were mentioned by David Letterman, several NFL players talked about them during the game, even current college players had an opinion.

Maryland football games now become must-see TV.

The Terps have 32 different uniform combinations.  Thirty-two (32)! Don’t you want to see what other concoccions they come up with?  The Terps have got an all-black helmet, a white tortoise shell helmet and the state flag helmet they wore last night.  They also have 4 different pants – black, red, white and gold.  They have 4 different jersey styles – black, white, gold, and red.  These are the uniform combos I actually know about.  They probably have something else wacky up their sleeve.

It’s called great marketing. Any press is good press. It doesn’t matter why they’re talking about you – as long as they’re talking about you.

These uniforms bring attention to the school.  And that's what it's all about.  Notoriety.  Perhaps the uniform talk will lead to getting better players. Heck, it might even lead to getting better students.

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