This week on Levack and Goz, we brought back one of our newest and most popular segments, "Socially Awkward Media." returned. This week's edition was back at it's normal time at 4pm on Thursdays.

The weekly segment spotlights the best and worst social media posts from the past week on our show.Some of the posts want answers to burning sports topics, while others, well... don't.

Levack and I encourage you to join in on the conversation during the show either by posting on our official Facebook page ( or by tweeting at us directly (@TheJeffLevack, @TomGozz) It's possible that next Thursday, your post could be read on Socially Awkward Media. This Thursday we were back in studio going through the social media posts of the week. Did you miss Socially Awkward Media? Well below are the top ten social media posts of the week. Did you make the cut? What should have been the cut? Let's hear your thoughts below.

Jonathan-10, the travel alone puts them at a big disadvantage


Stephen-Scale of 1-10, I would have to say Girardi


Warm Sundae or Indeed?-let's wait until the #Jets play the #Pats


Joshua-You better adjust that 12-4


Jonathan-You should really be celebrating the fact that your Tampa Bay Bucs went into Drew Brees' house and pulled off a 48-41 upset. But that's none of my business


Jonathan-No, she is a clown, who thinks everyone owes her everything. Screaming about how she has a child, well I have three, Levack has 1, congratulations on thinking your raising your kid right.


EJ-I honestly feel like my long lost best friend just showed up, on TV... in Oakland. I know there’s a lot of time left on the clock but look at Thaaaa Raidaaaaaaassss!!


Casey-Was it a good okay though?


Lynda-Omg my eyes are bleeding
William-Does anyone know if Josh Allen is an organ donor? because that O-line is going to get him killed on Sunday. #billsmafia



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