Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl - Washington v Alabama
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Last night on 1045 The Team Alabama defeated Georgia 26-20 in overtime to win college football's national championship. The Crimson Tide scored on the second possession in overtime to win the title in walk off fashion. After the victory last night, we ranked the top ten walk off championship victories in history. Do you agree with the list? Do you disagree with the list? Let us know below.

#10 Charlotte Smith North Carolina Women's Basketball

Only .7 on the clock and she is able to knock this historic shot? This shot is under rated for most sports fans but it should not be.

#9 1970 Stanley Cup Boston Bruins Bobby Orr Goal

The moment of Bobby Orr flying through the air is arguably the greatest moment in NHL history. A statue of Orr remains to still commemorate that moment. The finish happened in Game 4 of that year's Stanley Cup.

#8 1993 World Series Toronto Blue Jays Joe Carter Walk Off Home Run

You know it's a tough list when Carter's walk off home run is only eight on this list. The reason I ranked Carter's home run so high is that it happened in Game 6, rather than Game 7. If the Blue Jays lose that game, they could have still won the World Series in Game 7.

#7 1997 World Series Game 7 Florida Marlins Edgar Renteria

This barely beats out Carter's Home Run for great walk off championship wins. The difference here is that Renteria's hit came in Game 7 in extra innings. Another heartbreaking World Series finish for Cleveland Indian fans.


#6 2017 Super Bowl 51 New England Patriots James White

The greatest comeback in Super Bowl history capped off by the touchdown run by James White. This one is higher on the list because Atlanta never touched the ball in overtime. Personally the drama builds more when both teams have a shot towards the end. Then again, the Falcons should not have blown a 28-3 lead in the game.

#5 1960 World Series Pittsburgh Pirates Bill Mazeroski

The only Game 7 walk off home run in World Series history. I know Yankees fans do not like the ranking here but a tie game in the bottom of the 9th Game 7 of the World Series deserves to at least make the top five.

#4 1983 NCAA National Championship NC State Wolfpack Lorenzo Charles

The scene of Jimmy Valvano running around trying to find someone to hug is one of the NCAA tournament's iconic moments. The game was tied 52 a piece before Charles caught Derek Whittenburg's "pass" to win the title for NC State.

#3 2016 National Championship Villanova Wildcats Kris Jenkins

The recent Jenkins game winner gets the nod over Lorenzo Charles' because of the difficulty of the shot. Jenkins running in transition, getting a pass, behind the three point line, less than five seconds to go. Jenkins' winner for the Wildcats gets into the top three.

#2 2018 National Championship Alabama Football Devonta Smith Touchdown Catch

Last night's walk off win for the Crimson Tide is the second greatest walk off win in sports history. Remember the factors in the game last night. Georgia gets the ball first in overtime and hits a fifty one yard field goal to give them the lead. Alabama's kicker just missed the game winning attempt at the end of regulation. (Personally I would not have believed he would have nailed the game tying attempt in overtime). A true freshman throws a touchdown pass to true freshman wide receiver. I know it is less than twenty four hours removed by the finish should be considered one of the all time great finishes.

#1 2001 World Series Arizona Diamondbacks Luis Gonzalez 

Sorry again New York Yankees fans but Luis Gonzalez's walk off win comes in at number one on my list. Why is it number one for me? The Diamondbacks were down by one run in that ninth inning. They were facing the greatest closer in Major League Baseball history in Mariano Rivera. No question the odds were stacked against them for this finish. Plus it was Game 7. Plus it was against the Yankees dynasty.



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