With Halloween less than a week away, it's important to run down the list of things you should absolutely never give out to Capital Region trick or treaters. I'm sure there could be twenty things on this list but here is a solid ten of the worst things to give out on Halloween.

1. Raisins: They aren't fun to get or even tasty. Please don't give out the small boxes of raisins...ever.

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2. Hand Sanitizer: We get it, we have been in a pandemic for a year and a half, but please don't give out small bottles of hand sanitizer to the kids that come to your door. Haven't we all had enough of being reminded of the pandemic? Let these kids have candy.

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3. Toothbrush/Floss: Please don't give out these items on Halloween. I come from a family of dentists and even they don't give out toothbrushes and floss. They actually give out the good candy, like everyone should be doing! There's plenty of time to brush and floss on November 1st.

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4. Licorice: This one may be controversial. I think licorice is a waste of candy when you have so much other "real" candy to give out. Why would you give out plastic-tasting candy anyway?

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5. Taco Bell Sauce Packets: Nothing screams "I'm broke and forgot about Halloween!" quite like giving out this item(s). You might as well shut your lights and hunker down. Your house just may be a target for disgruntled trick or treaters.

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6. Loose Change: Really? Pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters? First of all, where did you get them? No one has money let alone change any more. Did you find it in your car because you forgot to get something to give out? Don't bother, most kids don't even know what change is.

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7.  Apples: I know that we are in the midst of apple picking season but don't give out your bushels of fruit to unload on trick or treaters. Although you may think it's a healthy alternative to candy, no kid wants something healthy in their trick or treat bag.

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8. Pencils: Not only is this not a treat, but it's also some sort of trick. I mean when's the last time anyone has used a pencil? Oh, I know. Standardized testing. That's what you want to do, remind the kids how much they hate to take tests, on Halloween.

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9. Slime: This may seem like a fun idea...make slime they said, the kids love it, they said. Trust me. No parent wants their kid to have slime in the house. It gets on the counter, the furniture, and even the dog. Don't do slime this Halloween.

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10. Temporary Tattoos: These may also seem like a fun thing to throw in a kid's trick or treat bag. Not a good idea. This usually results in tears. They never come out right and no kid really wants a piece of paper with some fake ink on it. Plus you can never get them totally off. It will be there for their Christmas pictures.

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