The NFL is back.  Are you excited, at all?  Just a little sarcasm.  Training camp always brings big questions to the table and sets us up for the season.  Here are the Top 5 NFL Training Camp questions with a predicted answer for each.

  1. How will the Patriots handle the Aaron Hernandez situation?  Bill Belichick is a master at handling tough situations and this is a team that wants to take the field and win, period.  They still have the hood-wearing coach and Tom Brady throwing around the pigskin, which means the professionalism, leadership and ability to take on adversity is handled by the best.  Predicted answer:  Just fine.
  2. Who is the Jets quarterback?  Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith, who just got a four-year deal for $5 million, will be competing during camp in Cortland.  The Jets have seen Sanchez lead the team to two straight AFC Championship games, but since then regress incredibly.  Smith, the West Virginia product, could be the future, but how soon?  Time will tell.  Predicted answer:  Mark Sanchez will start in Week 1, but Smith is the starter by Week 3.
  3. How quickly can Chip Kelly get his offense in order in Philadelphia?  Kelly is an offensive master but has decisions to make and a playbook to create. Much of that will be centered around who is at quarterback, Michael Vick, Nick Foles or Matt Barkley.  Kelly has been silent about the offense he wants to run in the City of Brotherly Love.  Expect it to be a mix of 1990's Buffalo Bills K-Gun and spread offense as well as trick plays from his Oregon days. Predicted answer:  The official offense will go through growing pains for many weeks with Michael Vick as the Week 1 starter.
  4. How will the Ravens handle life after Ray Lewis?  Baltimore finally enters a season without the leader and Hall of Famer on defense Ray Lewis.  Add to that no Ed Reed plus Anquan Boldin is now catching balls in San Francisco. Plus, the pressure of defending a Super Bowl title.  It will be an interesting and dynamic year in Baltimore.  Predicted answer:  Pretty well.  This team has the Super Bowl MVP in QB Joe Flacco and plenty of offensive weapons.  General manager Ozzie Newsome is one of the best in the game at evaluating talent and building a team after departures, and the Ravens drafted Arthur Brown and Matt Elam to replace Lewis and Reed.  Plus, the defensive veterans learned from Lewis what it takes to win and make plays in the big games. Baltimore will have a good chance at making another run at a title.
  5. Can the Buffalo Bills' new coaching staff mesh together quickly?  The Bills took a leap by hiring former Syracuse head football coach Doug Marrone. Marrone had success building the Orange back and took the program to two Pinstripe Bowls during his tenure, plus he is a former NFL assistant with the Saints and Jets.  On his staff are Syracuse coaching guys Nathaniel Hackett (offensive coordinator/quarterbacks), Greg Adkins (tight ends) and Tyrone Wheatley (running backs).  Plus, there are a ton of new faces on the staff. How these guys mesh is going to determine how successful Buffalo really is. Predicted answer:  No, they will fail.  This is Buffalo, a joke of a franchise. This is another organizational attempt at throwing you know what against the wall and hoping it sticks.  If the Bills win eight games, it will be shocking.

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